Do Longer Lashes Have More Appeal?

beautify your eyesLet us admit it. Beauty is a standard. Most of the time, people will judge your personality, your actions, and your way of living based on how you look. In every place, beauty has a standard. Different cultures have different definitions of beauty, and it is amazing to note that some of it may have rooted from the past.

Beauty is subjective to every person, but all in all, there is a general consensus to beauty. Let’s put a bit of nerdy here. In math, there is the so called “Golden Ratio”, which applies to almost anything: Architectural designs, natural patterns, even music. The golden ratio can, unsurprisingly, be also applied to the face.

However, as much as these ratios can be true, it does nothing if the “puzzle pieces” are lackluster. Different parts make up the face, as we all know: the eyes, the nose, the lips, maybe the ears as well? With these parts is another body part that, although already dead in nature, is something men and women really love to flaunt and pamper: the hair.

Hair can define whether people will see you as ugly or not. The hair is the crowning glory of people. For women, however, there are certain “hair” areas that should be given attention to. We will be talking about eyelashes. Many aspects of the eyes benefit a woman’s appearance.


Appearance Of The Eyes Make A Dramatic Difference

cartoon character eyesHave you ever noted in cartoons that characters such as Daisy duck, minnie mouse, lola bunny, and the like have been drawn with beautiful eyelashes? Also, when women ask favors from people, they do this cute, quick eye blinking thing called puppy eyes. It’s evident not just in cartoons, but also in real life that eyelashes can attract others, especially men. You may be wondering, why are they so attractive? Well, for one: long eyelashes are a symbol of beauty.

Universally. It is generally accepted, though it may probably be evolution and biology doing its work, setting what is attractive. Another point, is that it makes the eyes look wider and clearer.

Good eyes are a sign of good health, reason why the doctors shine a flashlight on your eyes when having checkups. Eyelashes enhance the appearance of the eye, increasing visual appeal. In a way, think of them as the tail of a peacock. It can be used to attract potential mates by flaunting it. Longer eyelashes also boost a woman’s self esteem, making themselves more presentable not just for the opposite sex, but to the whole world as well.


Symbol Of Femininity

Long eyelashes have long been a symbol of femininity. It makes women look better, and when they feel better, they “shine” in a way that they sometimes really DO look better.

Let’s all admit it, when we feel good, when we’re in high spirits, we look our best. lashes, especially for women, are something that they take pride on. While some are God given and born with natural, long eyelashes, others are not as lucky. Some women are at the short end of the stick, and are born with thin ones.

It’s not the end of the world for them, however. There are many ways to improve how they look. There are many cosmetic products abound, best commonly of which is eyelash enhancers. It is important to make sure that they are safe and won’t irritate the eyes. Which is why Idol Lash Enhancer is the most beneficial for women that desire having longer and thicker eyelashes.

All in all, eyelashes are a very important component of the face. These significantly affect the appearance of the eyes, something that indicates a sign of good health. As humans are also animals, some rules still apply: We are looking for a healthy mate. Longer eyelashes help the woman look more feminine, as proven by studies on men and attraction.

Whether it be evolution, biology, or society is at play, the bottom line is: Beautiful eyelashes are attractive. There’s nothing wrong with pampering yourselves. When you love yourself, others will love you better. Presentability helps make a person, inside and out.