Idol Lash Frequently Asked Questions

Long, dark, thick beautiful eyelashes! What we all want isn’t it? Lashes that frame our eyes, make them look brighter, bigger, and more stunning. To help get those effects here are some things you might not have known about your eyelashes.

Do Eyelashes Need Loving Tender Care?

Your eyelashes need care too, just like your hair. They require daily cleansing, moisture, and vitamins to help in growth and a longer lasting life cycle. Moisture helps keep them strong and healthy longer, while the vitamins help them to grow thicker.

Do Eyelashes Change As You Get Older?

Yes. Just like your hair, your eyelashes can become less dense over time, making them less visible and vibrant. The vitamin B complex can help lessen this change if taken on a regular basis.

Can Extensions Hurt Your You?

The ingredients that allow them to stay on can irritate the lash line, and if not applied properly may rip off some real lashes when you remove them. If you don’t get them glued on properly, they can cause you to look pretty silly when they start to fall off one by one. The good news is that they will grow back, but it can take a while. It takes an average of 4-6 weeks for them to fully return back to normal.

What Food Category Is Good For Your Eyes?

  • Calcium
  • Vitamin C
  • Protein
  • B vitamins
  • Iron

All of these are great for helping you to grow eyelashes thick and beautiful. Eating foods high in these vitamins and minerals will help you see great results for in a short and long period of time.

How Much Sleep Do I Need For Healthier Looking Lashes?

As much as you need to get a good nights sleep for your overall best health, 8 hours sleep is also recommended to keep them looking beautiful.

Eyelashes Can Get Damaged, Just Like Your Hair

By using mascara, curlers and using false lashes your eye-lash hair can become thinner and shorter. Daily dust and dirt around us are also harmful them. There is only so much damage that hair can take before you start seeing the effects of it. If you are using makeup, make sure you wash it off carefully every night! Try not to use waterproof mascara as the chemicals can dry out your lashes and cause them to break or fall out, leaving your eyes looking more bearer then before.

Is Massaging Them A Good Thing?

Yes. By gently massaging your eyelids and lash-line you will help increase the blood flow, which can stimulate growth. Keep in mind to be very, very gentle as you massage.

What’s The Longest History Of Measured Lashes?

A woman was measured in at 6.4cm or 2.52 inches long. Can you imagine that? She was probably the healthiest person in the world.

Women have been using products and tools since 4000BC to enhance their eyelashes, and only the nobles were allowed to have long lashes. The modern day mascara wasn’t created until 1913 by Rimmel. That’s a long time, ladies. In Ancient Egypt they used coal to darken their lashes, mixing it with a variety of things to keep it from running. I am so happy we no longer have to do that!

We all want to have longer and thicker lashes and the information above can help you achieve those things. Most times it’s hard to get results without using the help of any products, but we don’t want to use harsh chemicals or unknown ingredients to do it. That can be more harmful than helpful in the long run. We need something that will help promote healthy, natural growth quickly and easily.

Idol Lash provides the nutrients you need, and makes the use of false lashes and mascara a thing of the past!

This powerful serum is an all natural product, using the same vitamins and minerals listed above for healthier looking lashes, and more. Many women have used this serum to help them achieve the gorgeous lashes they want. Quickly and easily applied, this is the best serum for helping to promote stronger, longer, darker beautiful eyelashes for every woman. Idol Lash enhancer serum should be on everyone’s shopping list!