10 Reasons Why Women Can’t Grow Naturally Long Eyelashes

lash growth progressThe eyes are the windows to your soul. So probably, this makes your eye-lashes the curtains. You wouldn’t want unattractive curtains hanging on your windows, right? Eyelashes enhance one’s feminine aura. You can see the proof with all the female cartoon characters. What distinguishes a female character from a manly one are long beautiful lashes.

This privilege isn’t accessible to everyone. There are actually a lot of women can’t grow them naturally beautifully. There wouldn’t be a lot of tips on growing longer lashes all over the internet if there isn’t a demand, right? Here are 10 reasons why most women can’t grow them out:

Growing Thicker lashes Organically

Reason 1

For proper protection of our eyes, our eye-lashes must have the ideal length. This of course depends on each person’s eyes because 1/3 of the actual length of an eye. Those which are too long cause eyes to dry faster.

Reason 2

hair deficiency struggleIron deficiency is a common health problem worldwide. This causes hair to be brittle, drier, and causes hair to fall out. Even eyelashes are hair so they are not an exception. Due to this, they may fall out more faster that it grows back the lost pieces.


Reason 3

Lack of sleep leads to a labyrinth of problems. When we sleep, we give our body more time to repair and renew our body cells. Not having enough sleep may give us a harder time to grow longer and thicker eyelashes.

Reason 4

Another probable reason for not having longer, thicker and beautiful eyelashes is improper hygiene when applying makeup such as mascara. If you love mascaras so much, don’t forget to wash and clean your eyes free from makeup. If you keep being negligent and goes to sleep with makeup on, dirt and germs may build up on your eyes. Having your eyes irritated may cause them to be itchy, as an effect, you will rub your eyes to ease the itchiness. The result of it is, them falling out more faster.

Reason 5

Try consulting a doctor. If you have short and thin eyelashes, there are some diseases or disorders which results to this.

Reason 6

Your family may have a trait of not having long and thick lashes. Check your relatives’ eyes. Do most of them share the same trait of your eyelashes? If so, don’t be afraid since you just confirmed that you are not adopted and you are not the only one who has that problem.

Reason 7

One of the possible reasons why you have difficulties in growing lashes naturally is another nutrition-related issue. Lack of sulfur in your diet is also an important matter. If you want to improve your lash health, add some sulfur-enriched foods such as green leafy vegetables in your daily meals.

Reason 8

Stress. You should give yourself some time to breath. Not only harmful to your skin and among the top contributor to your eye bags, stress also affects your growing and healing processes. Allowing yourself to relax will give your eyelashes extra time to grow.

Reason 9

Girl, the problem may not be because of your health, body or genes. The mascara you are currently using may be the root of the evil inability of eyelashes to grow longer and thicker! It is possible that you are allergic to what you are using. The new mascara you added to your makeup bag may not be suitable for your eyes. And even if what you’re using is your old trusty mascara, when was the last time you checked its expiration date? Also make sure that your besties whom you lend your mascara have healthy eyes. You don’t know if she has a communicable disease on her eyes.

Reason 10

Although this may be a bit obvious, one of the reasons why you are not being able of growing naturally your lashes is because you don’t make an effort to improve them. Try searching up for homemade remedies to grow them beautifully. Some beauty products are made up of natural ingredients and are meticulously engineered to help in growing eyelashes which are an important factor in a woman’s beauty. Why don’t you invest for such beauty product which would solve your problem and boost your confidence!